Sale's conditions

Online general sale conditions of the Azienda Agricola Sentier through its website

1) Introduction
1.1 The present general sales conditions (hereinafter "General sales conditions") apply to the contracts between Azienda Agricola Sentier di Contessotto R. e Silvestrin M. società agricola s. (hereinafter "Azienda Agricola Sentier" or the “Supplier") and the customer as defined in the paragraph 1.2), entered on-line through the website according to the modes agreed in paragraph 2) and leading to the supply of services and/or products (hereinafter "Products” and/or “Services”) as described in the virtual catalogue on the website, at the prices and under the herein specified conditions.
1.2. The customer is an individual subject or a legal entity parchasing Products and/or Services from the Supplier for its entrepreneurial, commercial, handicraft or professional activity. Products and Services can be sold to the above-mentioned subjects and therefore the present general sale conditions DO NOT apply to the Consumer (as defined in art. 3 of the Italian Consumption Code).
1.3. The Service and/or Product Supplier is Azienda Agricola Sentier di Contessotto R. e Silvestrin M. società agricola s., whose registered office is in Mosnigo di Moriago della Battaglia (TV), via Sentier 34, Tax payer’s and VAT code 01196300261, e-mail, Tel. 0438.892456, Fax 0438.892662.
1.4. The Customer should print, keep and file them present General sale conditions within reach including any other information provided by the Supplier.
1.5. The present General sale conditions can by changed by the Supplier any time without any previous notice. The general sale conditions in force at the specific time period will be applied to each order. The applicable General sale conditions will be displayed before forwarding any order and they should be duly accepted by the customer.

2) On-line purchasing modes
2.1. Once accessing the website, the user can surf the catalogue through the menu divided by categories and products.
It can buy from any website section through the key “ONLINE PURCHASE”.
If the customer is already registered:
The customer was already provided the log credentials and therefore can directly purchasing any product after the login.
If the customer is new:
When the customer is not registered, it is asked to specify the Country, Region and Province where it lives before starting the purchasing procedure. It can add the demanded quantities (in containers or number of plants), possibly saving its in-progress order through the key “SAVE YOUR ORDER”.
It is necessary to save the order before changing the purchasing forms or surf other website sections, otherwise the data is not saved.
Attention that the system accepts quantites of any product only if it is available. If the required product quantity is not available, the request is updated with the maximum number of available products.

Once entered the order of any tree, the customer can continue its shopping pressing the key “SAVE AND MOVE TO SUMMARY”.
The present order summary or the bag includes all the different trees by series and delivery week. It is still possible to change the selected quantities directly from the bag page.
On the order summary as well, whenever possible, it is possible to purchase the relating accessories (vases, labels, etc.). The order is closed when the key “PLACE THE ORDER” is pressed.
If the customer is already registered:
The final order summary is displayed with all the selected trees, the dedicated payment mode and whenever possible it can choose the shipping agent or the product withdrawal in venue.
To enter the order, click the “END THE ORDER” key, after reading and clearly accepting the sale conditions and the webside legal disclaimers.
If the customer is new:
Before the summary, the customer invoicing and shipping information is to be provided to Sentier, after clearly accepting the privacy information as well. Then the order summary of the ordered trees is displayed. Then the customer is asked to select the payment and shipping modes, and whenever possible it can choose the shipping agent or the product withdrawal in venue. To enter the order, click the “END THE ORDER” key, after reading and clearly accepting the sale conditions and the webside legal disclaimers. For the already-registered customers, it is possible to check the pending orders (in progress) and delivered orders as well, through the key "Customer orders”.

3) Prices and their changes
3.1 The Product prices specified on the webside include the VAT and the packaging and transportation costs, ex Supplier factory, unless any different written agreement. Prices can be changed according to any raw material price change.
3.2. Dimple containers, parts of the packaging, remain at the Supplier property and therefore they should always be available to be returned. Othewise the Customer will be debited a €0.52 for each container.

4) Delivery and force majeur
4.1. Delivery dates are not binding and depend on the Supplier availability. In case of force majeure event, being live material, the Products could not be delivered or partially delivered only or delayed in delivery with no notice by the Supplier or any damage compensation right for the Customer for any possible damage. Anyhow, any damage compensation can’t be higher than the value of the supplied goods.

5) Guarantee, vices and solve et repete provision
5.1. The Product rooting success can’t be guaranted by the Supplier as depends on different factors but the company. The Customer will check the product quality and quantity when it is forwarded and possibly by certified e-mail will raise any complaint. Any complaint or dispute does not entitle the Customer to cancel or delay the agreed payments.

6) Change to the Product range
6.1. The Supplier is entitled, in case any product is not available, to replace it with a similar product to the ordered product.

7) Transportation and risk transfer
Products are always handled at the Customer's charge, cost, risk and liability up to the delivery to the customer’s requested location, in case of transportation at the Supplier’s cost as well. The Product price reported on the on-line order forwarded by the Customer is net any transportation and unloading cost. Transportation and unloading are at the Customer’s charge.

8) Order acceptance
Any order is subject to a written acceptance by the Supplier which is to be considered an irrevocable proposal in compliance with art. 1329 of the Italian Civil code, which the supplier is bound to for 6 (six) months. Otherwise between the order confirmation and the order proposal, the order confirmation prevails.

9) Payments
Payments are to be settled in cash, bank order, electronic bank transfer, bank cheque at unloading or direct remittance or they should be settled according to the modes agreed with the Supplier. When the goods are delivered, an invoice will be issued.

10) Order cancellation right due to insolvency
In case of missing or delayed payments, further deliveries will be suspended until the payment settlement. In case of missing payments, interests will be applied according to the Law decree n. 231/2002 and 192/2012. The Supplier is entitled to withhold or cancel any order should, at its own discretion, decide that the Customer soundness is missing or affected.

11) Applicable regulation and Exclusive competent court
The present General sale conditions are governed by the Italian regulations. In case of any dispute raised in terms of the execution and interpretation of the present General sale conditions, the Treviso Court only will be competent.