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Information compliant with art 13, Legislative decree dating back to June 30, 2002 and n. 196 and art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679

Azienda Agricola Sentier di Contessotto R. e Silvestrin M. società agricola s., whose registered office in Mosnigo di Moriago della Battaglia (TV) in via Sentier 34, Cod. Tax payers’ and VAT code 01196300261, e-mail by legal pro tempore representative (hereinafter “Company”) as the controller of the data processing and treatment, in compliance and pursuant to the Law Decree n. 196 dating back June 30, 2003 (hereinafter “Decree”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter “Regulation”) with the present notice provides for the due information on the customer personal information processing scopes and modes, as for its communication and spreading and its attribution and granting.
1. Scope of the processing/treatment
Supplied data to the company when filling the form in the section “Contacts” on the company website, and forwarded by e-mail, registration to the website, newsletter or any information provided when surfing the company website will be only treated and processed by the company according to the following goals: a) supply the demanded information; execute the contract obligations (such as any obligation relating to the sale of the Company products); manage the contract relationship; fulfil the obligations to the Finance Administratrion; fulfil other legal obligations; b) after receiving your specific confirmation, forward by e-mail, sms, fax, phone, etc., to design and publish any promotional and advertising material relating to products, services and activities of the Company;
2. Nature of the data attribution
The data is granted and assigned according to the scope agreed in a) in compliance with the contract and no attribution will not allowed to get the required information and therefore it will not be possible to fulfill the contract obligations. Data attributed for the scope agreed in b) is not compulsory. The customer is entitled to oppose and forbid its personal information treatment and processing for marketing purposes.
3. Confirmation
The customer is entitled to revoke and cancel its confirmation any time. The confirmation cancellation does not preclude the lawfulness of the treatment based on the confirmation before cancellation.
4. Treatment modes and data storage time
Data will be treated with the required IT tools by entitled subjects in compliance with safety measures described in the Decree. Sometimes an hard paper treatment is possible, by entitled subjects and in compliance with the privacy regulations in force. The personal information will be filed and stored by the Company at least for ten years, in compliance with the regulations in force as for document filing.
5. Communication and spreading
Data can be communicated to third parties, outside Italy as well, anyhow within the European Union member states, such as holding companies, controlled companies, related companies or subdisiary of the Company, sales agents, professional consultants (such as auditors, lawyers, Notary Public), accountants, banks, credit institutes, insurance companies, financial companies, factoring companies and credit collection companies, IT service companies, companies offering marketing and advertising services. The company will enforce any required measure to bind any third party to comply with any privacy protection regulations in force.
6. Cookie
6.1 Technical cookies. The Company informs that the company website uses “Technical cookies” as defined by the measure approved by the data protection authority on May 8, 2014. More precisely the following cookies are used a) session cookies to provide for the normal website surfing and use; b) function cookies, supporting the user website surfing accoding to a series of different criteria, selected as to improve the offered services. For similar cookies, according to art. 122 of the privacy protection regulations and the measure approved by the data protection authority on May 8, 2014 no confirmation by the subject is required.
6.2 Third party cookies. The Company informs that the website also profits from third party services thus third party profiling cookies are used as well. More precisely the website profits from:
a) Google Analytics. It is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google Inc. (“Google) profiting from cookies transferred to the user PC to allow aggregated statistical analysis on the use of the visited website. Data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as specified on the Cookie policy available on the following link For more information on the privacy policy of Google Inc., independent controller of the data treatment as for the Google Analytics service, refer to the following link:
6.3 Disabling cookies. With the exception of technical cookies which are required for the website surfing, the subject can avoid installaing any cookie through the specific dedicated functions available on its internet browser. Without prejudice to what hereinbefore specified on the technical cookies, the user can remove the other cookies through its internet browser.
Each browser profits from different procedures for its setting management. The user can find the specific instructions through the following links:

It is possible to disable third party cookies according to the treatment modes specified by the third party company thus refer to the hereinbefore mentioned links, paragraph “Third party cookies”.

7. Subject's rights
In compliance with what forecast by art. 13, paragraph 2 of the Regulations, the Company informs that the subject is entitled to: a) ask the treatment controller to access its personal data and to change or remove its data or to limit the treatment it is affected by or to oppose its treatment besides the data portability right; b) raise a complaint to the control competent authority.
The subject can enforce its rights addessing the data treatment controller at the hereinbefore mentioned address.


Read the information provided, the person interested:
authorises the company to treat his/her persona data according to paragraph 1 letter a) of the information.

authorises the company to treat his/her persona data according to paragraph 1 letter b) of the information in the specified modes (marketing communications and advertising by e-mail, sms, fax, phone, etc.)