Production and research

Development and research are part of our philosophy

Our priority goals are:

Always propose the best varieties

Always careful to improve the production

Enrich the service to our customer

Practice a cultivation that respect the environment

Automation and technology

All our technical means must meet the requirements of maximum rationalisation and automation. The cultivation must be simple and linear, in the same times the young plants must be strong and flourishing.

The structure of Sentier

Cutting-edge technologies

Smart Trays

Our trays are projected to facilitate the best drainage of water in excess and the correct development of the plants with a strong system of roots.
The materials used allow the easy disposal.
The use of particular substrates allowed an extreme efficiency in the manual extraction of the clod, as well in the automation of the transplant.

Logistics and packaging

An effort thought to give you a product of high quality, easy to grow, that doesn't need important manual or pesticide interventions.

Moreover, we gave a great attention to the logistics and to the management of the trays during the transport, with a system of overlapping, that make the transport easy, light and adaptable.